12 Signs You are Using for Granted by Man

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It’s everyone’s willingness to be truly loved in any conditions by her/his couples. But you can’t get all you wanted in life at certain time. As matter of facts, there’s so many things that some relationships ended just because there’s no thing called sincere in it. The story happens a lot with woman, despite not a few men also had this experience. Mostly woman being a victim, or the other word women being more used by man who doesn’t sincerely in love with his girl friend.

You never know they’re using you for granted until you’ve exhausted all you can give. You know what’s worse than knowing a user? Dating a user!

These users may often use you for sex or money or both.

Sometimes they’ll count on you for other things like favors, social status and whatever gets their ego going.

But the most common types of relationship users are those who take advantage of your body or your wallet.

Here’s how you can tell if that’s who you’re dating.


#1 Attitude

Couples who love each other do not just want to be happy themselves, but also their loved ones. Is he really serious with you? Maybe he just make you breakout or lonely, and ends with infidelity. In addition, he just wants your property.

#2 You’re an Object

If he continues to criticize or praise physical beauty, you just an ‘object’ for him. You have to look beautiful, sexy, and glamorous every day. He was also always requires you to do a variety of things for the sake of her happiness. It would be nice if you stay away from the man who only makes you an ‘object’.

#3 Teasing You just like another woman

Maybe you’ve ever been asked to the most meaningful place or somewhere to him. But, you’re not the only one, but every woman who ever closed to him did once taken there. Therefore, you have to be careful to make the relationships with this kind a guy.

#4 Sex Problems

A man who wants to be with you for the sake of taking all the advantages of all you have, prior to please himself, including in sexual intercourse. He just targeting personal pleasure without thinking of you.

#5 Money Problems

If the couple does not have a steady job, spend money to buy non-essential purposes, and does not have a future investment, you should reconsider if you want to marry him. You better be aware of it from the beginning rather than regret later on.

#6 Have No Future Plans

Do not have plans for the future is one sign of just manipulate your partner. Every time you talk about marriage, he tends to shy away. In addition, he always depend on you. It’s good, if you stay away from this type of man as a companion for life.

#7 He Doesn’t Like You When Talking About Children

Men who want to marry you because the material would not like to talk about heredity, if you have started to discuss earnings for together in raising children especially. It also indicates that he is not serious.

#8 He is very spoiled

Although age is an adult, a man who is not serious generally very spoiled. He always wants to be served, such as telling you finish the job, preparing clothes, until you have the drive when traveling. Men like this will not have genuine feelings.

#9 He man ‘Rough’

Men who only use you did not hesitate to be rude, either physically or hurt you. If this continues, the possibility that your marriage is not harmonious. Therefore, avoid the man who likes to apply ‘rough’.

#10 You Should Not Close to Family & Friends

One of the men just utilize your sign will not introduce and bring you closer to friends. Do not assume your spouse is important in his life. If you like it, you should introspect themselves and re-evaluate your relationship.

#11 Broken Promises

The man who likes to break a promise should be suspected. For example, he always comes late when dating, often cancel the plan for reasons that are not clear, even deceitful. It means you are not special in his life.

#12 Intuition You Say That He Is No Good’s

It is important to trust your intuition. Follow your heart because it is a warning to you. If the heart does not say that he made ​​a good husband, you should listen before it’s too late. Do not waste your time with a man who just take advantage of you.

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