Taping Your Sex Video

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Being part of a modern couple that doesn’t subscribe to traditional sexual mores, you’ve even discussed it with your girlfriend. Taping your sexual act video— it sounds like a good idea, but it’s a very subtle art and not one to be jumped into lightly. When done right, taping yourselves in the act can bring you closer together as a couple.

Before taping your sex video, better talk about tape proprietorship. For the privacy of each person involved, only one copy should ever exist. Never upload it to a computer or transfer it to an alternate format — that’s how third parties get the opportunity to lay their eyes on your private things. The gentlemanly thing to do is to let your girlfriend keep it, but with strings attached. For instance, make a pact for joint destruction of the tape in the event of your breakup. For mutual assurance, the responsible arrangement is to keep the tape for only a few weeks, watch it again, and then erase it together.

do it for fun — not blackmail

It should go without saying that making a sex tape should only proceed with the consent of both partners. Should you surreptitiously tape any sex act, you will suffer the same fate as many celebrities who got caught in their sex videos that spread all over the world, such humiliating — that’s just science.

No matter what caused the scandal, whether it’s famous in the media or private in a family or with friends, you learn from it if you were the cause of it, and make an effort to be a better person. Prove to your love ones that you have changed. If you don’t know how to change, then seek out a good psychologist to help you with your problems and be the best you can be.

We all come with some sort of garbage tied to out butts! If the scandal was someone else you know then be sure you get both sides of the story before judging. Depending on the type of scandal, if others snub their nose at the person and you feel they don’t deserve it then step up to the plate and be there for them. If other people don’t like it tell them to take a hike!

If the scandal involves stealing, raping, pedophilia, attempted murder, murder, etc., and you had nothing to do with it, then hold your head high. If others should whisper behind your back because in not too long in the distant future, there will be something else that will intrigue the gossipers and get them off your back. You’ll become old news.

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