Is Online Dating Safe?

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Respect should permeate the communication and conversation early and throughout any relationship. Solicitations for money or personal information before ever meeting should never happen. Even after meeting, a courtship period should ensue as you get to know each other better.

If anything seems peculiar at any time, ask a friend for guidance or advice before responding. Always protect your personal email and phone numbers. Utilizing your profile’s email messaging system and exclusive chat option allows two people to get to know each other in a safe, guarded manner. These options serve as a buffer, allowing time after the initial greeting to determine compatibility without compromising security.

If someone is pressuring you unnecessarily for your personal email or phone number, be wary. Report concerns about a user to the customer service staff. Do your own check-ups. The Internet is a wonderful tool. Not only can it connect two people, it can also be used to deliver information right to your fingertips. Many employers are now exploring social websites and searching a person’s name to learn more of their background. There is probably more personal information online than we care to know about — but this dynamic can assist us in making informed decisions about people we meet online (@pmjakarta)


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