Hot Profile: Tiga Setia Gara

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As the guide of a reality show titled Mata-Mata, the owner of a unique name-Tiga Setia Gara- she’s able to make the eye linger staring at the television box. Although she is celebrity, Tiga -so she was called- not only with body attractiveness and beauty looks alone, as a speaker, she is also capable of displaying true entertainer intelligence through straightforward spoken yet spoiled. Who would have thought, a pleasant personality she got from the rigors of street life.

Tiga is willing ‘stripped’ personal life, the tattoos on her body, until her sexual fantasies are a little eccentric. One of the street children who managed to achieve this dream is incredible!

As a popular figure, have you ever experienced something unpleasant from the fans?
I have experienced something funny. There is a client of my show never pretended to investigate his brother. After hours of investigation, finally discovered that he was join this event just wanted to get closed to me. It is precisely at this event I were being chased.

Do you mind if you get yourself being sex fantasy by fans?
I do not mind, because each one could be a sexual fantasy for others. While still able to breathe, people can still fantasize and fantasize about other people. Originally not to disturb people who fantasize though.

Do you like fantasy?
I really like fantasy, but it doesn’t have to provoked with a porn movie. I love fantasy come suddenly.

What men do you like into you fantasy objects?
Tattooed men, aging, and a little bad boy. If it could be 30 years and above.

Why do you like aging man?
I do not know huh? I have always not liked the young man, he was cute as anything. Besides I do not like men who neatly. I’d rather strange and wild girl. In addition, I also ever fantasize being a lesbian.

Gee, lesbian scenes like what you imagine?
Yes, kissing other women.

It could be you really a lesbian?
Fortunately not. I’ve been seduced by lesbian women, but it turns out I’m not horny. It means I’m really not a lesbian. That’s just my fantasy alone.

Since when are you interested in tattoos?
I’ve been like a tattoo of a small, ranging from a taped and scraped. But, I’m just starting to dare to make a permanent tattoo after 2 junior class with images of butterflies.

How many tattoos you have now?
Not counted because two hands full of tattoos, as well as in the back. Not to mention no small tattoos on the foot.

Got a tattoo in a sensitive part?
Ouch, that in the ‘it’ I do not dare. I’m going to hell in the neck though more sexy.

So where do u want this career focused to?

want to play the movie. I just do not want the role of a thug girl. I often get an offer for this role, only I still consider the image tattooed on my body. I do not want a tattoo identical to the bad guys. If just bitchy or wild heck does nothing, but if I do not want a criminal. I do not want to be a symbol of crime.



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